Main Products
Premium packaging machines including:
1.Automatic piston servo Filling capping label machine for Viscous liquid Soap with High accuracy and stainless steel 316L material and anti explosive motor without any drop and overflow;
2.Automatic anti Corrosive filling capping label machine for corrosive liquid with PVDF and titanium alloy material;
3.Award-Winning manufacturing industry leader delivering our factory filling line technology approach on a global scale since 2008;
4.MG machinery manufactures and supplies liquid filling line for a wide range of market sectors, to increase productivity and maximise ROI for our customers;
5.High quality filling line and exceptional after sales service offered by MG machinery meets the strict compliance and output requirements of even the largest global brands.
About MG

MG machinery is the Top filling machine manufacturer and factory. Specialized for corrosive,viscous,explosive liquid from 2008.Since our beginning,we`ve been concentrate on refining and improving our filling line by developing servo piston filling machines and anti corrosive filling machine patenting our system.

Today,MG by the numbers

Own more than 1,200 filling lines worldwide;Machines delivered to locations across 5 continents;Equipment can be found in more than 50 countries;110 employees worldwide;Engineers account for more than 27 percent of our workforce.

Automatic Filling line widely used in liquid of Chemical ,Medical , Agrochemical industry ,especially for Corrosive liquid and Foam Liquid, such as:Hand sanitizer,Gel,Detergent,Laundry Soap Liquid,Shampoo,Lotion,Disinfectants, Bleach,Toilet cleaning liquid,Acid,Sodium Hypochlorite,Liquid Iodophor,Hydrogen Peroxide,Alcohol and Liquid fertilizer,Pesticide, etc filliing bottle capacity from 50ml to 50L.
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  • Why Choose MG
    1. MG machinery is the Top filling machine manufacturer and factory.specialized for corrosive,viscous,explosive liquid from 2008 year
    2. Warranty time:24 months.
    3. MG machinery manufacture packing machine use 90% of internationally, universal, electrical components to facilitate our customers maintenance needs.
    4. MG machinery manufacture around 1200 complete filling lines exported to different countries.
    5. MG machinery fully committed to the highest standards of quality for our development and manufacturing processes as well as to preserving the environment. As such, Dewesoft is a TÜV SÜD certified ISO 9001 and 14001 company.
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